Wednesday, 22 November 2006

NCM-YAIM blocking glite-LB.

So it turns out that I can't install the glite-LB as requested since the ncm-yaim component does not support the new glite-LB method to YAIM. I need to understand why ncm-yaim is so explicit about all these things in the code. I think in quattor there is someway that a list of approved values can be stored in the templates. But for now blocked on this till I get write access to the ncm-yaim area.

Tout Directions

For French today I directed myself around a map of Nantes I think it was and had to describe other people in the room with the limited set of adjectives I have - quite embarrassing.

Standalone Loging and Bookeeping Server

Was asked to help deploy a gLite WMS with out the WMS, basically a stand alone logging and book keeping service. In principal easy but removing packages is always harder than adding them. I think what is needed after discussion is a new sub cluster, an lb, to the glitewms. This should work well but the generic glitewms needs to become a sub-cluster as well really. More generally its seems that CDB profiles and clusters are well defined but the use of sub-clusters seems quite ill defined to me at the moment. FTS and the RBs use a completely different layout even within themselves. One that needs rationalizing I think.

CVS Permissions

Tried updating the ncm-yaim component after helpful comments from Thorsten about the release process of actually getting something installed everywhere. Unfortunately I don't have access to the CVS area at the moment. No doubt another days delay. Time to try something else.

Quattor Install of FTS WebService

Despite my hopes that it would work the install of FTS pilot cluster web services failed over night. Some timeout somewhere yet to be determined took place. A second attempt this morning failed with an error at earlier stage trying to install some random gnome package.... It seems there is a lot to go wrong with any install since there are so many components and so many people changing things in those components. But the errors are good, they give me a reason to learn various things. If it worked I would never get around to it, this is how to think of it.