Tuesday, 16 January 2007

More XEN and DESY

Sven gave a talk on use of XEN at DESY. Lots of good things, they consider the problems are that:
  • XEN is not integrated into the kernel.
  • MAC Address managment has to be done.
  • Automatic Installation.
  • Full virtualisation IO is very slow.

Owen Presents What is Going on at DESY

DESY using XEN to maintain build and testing boxes. Owen gave a good summary of the other virtualizations tools out there including the new KVM and OpenVZ which I know little about.

Virtulisation at DESY

Am attending the Virtualisation and GRID meeting at DESY organised by Owen Synge. It is my first time at DESY but seems like a nice place. Staying on a fireboat as well which is pretty smart.


So I've been neglecting this which is a shame. It is useful to look back on.