Tuesday, 17 April 2007

FTS and Oracle

Tried and failed a lot today to install a "package" on the FTS oracle servers to do some statistics collection. It is now done but due to the intervention of others. I need to learn some Oracle and fast if I don't want to feel helpless a few times a week as is the case today.

Ports on WNs

Big discussion today about some gLite middleware that has started all be it two years ago opening up services in user space on the WN so refreshed proxies can be injected from the CE. I'm convinced myself this is a bad idea and it is something we have to stop. Lots of discussion and some reluctance to actually do it but I think soon it will be okay.

Scribefire an Blogger

For some reason Scribefire stopped working with Blogger today, don't know why just some odd DOM error.