Tuesday, 10 April 2007

High Load on FTS Webserver

Report of high load of the FTS webservers. It is clear they are busy but there is no script or log file written to do a quick analysis of what the queries are. So it is time to start one. The log format completely changes for release 2.0 so no point spending any time on this.

FTS Documentation for the 20 Release

Started the empty documentation pages for what will be the FTS 2.0 release. There is a lot of information in the old release  pages. The challenge is making use of it while not including things that are plain wrong.

cx_Oracle Module

Had a very first go connecting to Oracle with the cx_Oracle python module. It is easy of course like everything once you find the correct level of web page to help you do it. It is needed for some of the FTS monitoring that is being done.

End of GMOD

I was GMOD last week over the easter period, fairly quiet other than a couple of announcements. The gmod phone did ring but I missed the call, checking the CERN status within SAM it was obvious that something was up since all the queues were in state queuing. I raised a ticket with ce.support and although it was not them who called there was an obvious problem. A cron had been left in place to drain the CERN farm which had been wanted the previous week.