Thursday, 26 April 2007

Increasing Reliability by Testing

Interesting talk about the hardware testing that CERN does both at burn in and also routinely. A lot of these things such as fsprobe, SMART, inventory and memory tests are ran routinely on the boxes I run so it is good to here a description of what they are doing.

SL3 Security Updates

Looks like SL3 will be maintained with vendor's security updates until 2010. This is good news for EGEE who are behind the previous published end of life for the release of the SL4 service nodes.

WLCG System Admin Group

A summary of the WLCG system admin group was given. Some of the things they are up to include starting a wiki to collect tips and scripts together that people are working on. e.g torque, maui and cfengine recipes. It is a general Cookbook of ideas. There is also a subversion repository and again uses gridsite like the wiki does. There are currently 9 scripts in the repository and more are needed. The need more volunteers which is exactly why publicising at events like HEPiX.