Monday, 23 April 2007

Sharepoint and TWiki

According to the CERN status report the use of Microsoft's sharepoint instead of the CERN twiki. Not something that I would ever like to see.

HEPiX Goes Green

Seems there has quite a theme of building new computer centers around the globe at HEP sites. But interesting is that many of them include the use of waste heat from the machine rooms to heat the office space.

Another XEN advantage for Batch Workers

Brookhaven presented that they were running batch jobs in XEN machines on there compute farm. The aim is that they also serve the storage space within dCache or xrootd and want to protect this storage from batch jobs that crash the machine.

PSI Site Report - Gateway Machine.

One intresting idea from PSI. Rather than having a single SSH gateway they have a gateway that once you are logged into allows you at the firewall to login to any machine. Much better, going through gateways is always a pain.


This week I'm in Hamburg at a HEPiX meeting. The meeting where the sysadmins from the large labs get together. I'll be writing notes on many of the presentations here.