Friday, 25 April 2008

Interesting GGUS Posts

In the last two or three weeks GGUS is now serving an experimental rss feed of new posts. Watching the posts there is a whole new view on what is really happening at a low level of 1 to 1 GRID operations.... My aim is to post once a week a summary of the three or so most interesting or relevant tickets....
  1. 35783. Tristan Glatard reported that lcg-utils when called with timeout option, -t, rather than timing out gracefully exited with a segfault. In a reality it seems an upgrade fixes this though it is yet to be confirmed.
  2. 35798. Earlier in week a gLite release was made that turned out to break certain low level communications between the WN and CE at a globus level. The problem was fixed and released within a working day but with the rush it was never mentioned that the repositories for the different nodes types have been split for the first time. This is transparent if sites follow the install instructions to the letter but I am sure many do not.... I don't. Sites should be told that the glite-WN is currently a break away from everything else.