Thursday, 23 November 2006

CDB is Way Too Slow

Spent about 30 minutes today putting in an update to CDB. It failed which is fine but it took over an hour to find out. Need to find out what can be done to waste less time when I make trivial mistakes.

Install of glite-LB Progressing

The attempt to install a quattorized version of the glite-LB looks to have gone well. Certainly all the packages are now installed and just the configuration needs to be looked at. The box needs some kind of raid as well. RAID is something I seriously don't know how to do in quatttor. but like everything else though just find an example and steal it.

IT-GD-OPS Section Meeting

Attended the section meeting to report what I've been up to the last week:
  • Maui update following the bug that needed fixing.
  • FTS servers , pilot service reinstalled from scratch and is at least running.
  • Installing glite-LB with Yvan. Requires some new templates.
  • Both the last points require an update to ncm-yaim which I'm trying to get AFS permission for.
  • SDU-LCG2 asking to be certified.
Other points of interest raised at the meeting:
  • R-GMA broken on the PPS which is broken anyway due to IP renumbering.
  • Description of xmas time work which I can't do this year, basically time in lieu though
  • Interesting points form Alistair about user's expectation of quality. Do we need a new set of users who are more tolerant for grid over batch.
  • A couple of fixes have been put into SAM to try and clean up results.
  • Five countries in Mediterranean grid, just tested 4.6 Million drugs against Malaria !!
  • Re installation form scratch is it still needed? Yes it should be done on the PPS.