Friday, 17 October 2008

Top BDII Publishing Revamp

I have updated the topbdii summary page.
It now includes an historical element as well so you can see the individual site inclusions in each top level BDII over a period of time. There are clearly some topBDIIs which are flakier than others represented by vertical blue lines and some sites are dropped at times by all BDIIs represented by horizontal blue lines.

Also the tables are broken down by BDII version numbers as well.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

WNWG Update at the GDB.

Tomorrow I present an update of the Worker Node Working Group at the GDB. There is now a complete plan that while complicated with updates to information providers, lcg-tags, YAIM and site configurations of YAIM it will work though add complexity. As planned small sites can ignore everything. It seems it can be deployed at its own speed and once done sites can reconfigure to multiple sub clusters in their own time. The presentation has far to much detail for a GDB audience but it's quite a narrow subject. Mostly of interest to site administrators since it is all work for them. The users just get the benefits, better allocation of jobs to suitable worker nodes.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Interesting GGUS Posts

In the last two or three weeks GGUS is now serving an experimental rss feed of new posts. Watching the posts there is a whole new view on what is really happening at a low level of 1 to 1 GRID operations.... My aim is to post once a week a summary of the three or so most interesting or relevant tickets....
  1. 35783. Tristan Glatard reported that lcg-utils when called with timeout option, -t, rather than timing out gracefully exited with a segfault. In a reality it seems an upgrade fixes this though it is yet to be confirmed.
  2. 35798. Earlier in week a gLite release was made that turned out to break certain low level communications between the WN and CE at a globus level. The problem was fixed and released within a working day but with the rush it was never mentioned that the repositories for the different nodes types have been split for the first time. This is transparent if sites follow the install instructions to the letter but I am sure many do not.... I don't. Sites should be told that the glite-WN is currently a break away from everything else.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Plotting the GlueSiteLocation

I plotted the GlueSiteLocation as advertised in the GlueSites a few days ago. In fact a quick look over the results shows that the field is filled in well in all but a few cases. Most of the plots are centered on a country with a few "World" ones showing everything. Chris and Steve as a result have an action to fix their location some time whenever they fancy it:-)

Friday, 14 March 2008

Filling in the GlueSite

The last few days I have again wanted to resolve a given site name as belonging to an EGEE ROC. There are no public interfaces to resolve something that would be useful to so many people including GGUS, the GridPP Real Time Monitor, Operations, Accounting and even the Managers. So I have created a review and proposal to fill the GlueSite object in with well defined information. I have spoken to the WLCG coordinators and will follow up in time with ROC managers, GGUS, OSG the WLCG monitoring working group and any one else I can think of who might be interested. Eventually when something
settles down I'll push it through EGEE deployment and YAIM and onto the sites.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Graph the FTS Deployment

The FTS deployment is of course made up of channels between sites in the EGEE/LCG grid. This plot shows all the channels as queried from the BDII as lines connecting the sites. The grouping of nodes by colours represents all the channels managed by a single FTS instance.

Again it is another plot that is almost impossible to use.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Graphing Glue

I've been playing with GraphViz and HyperGraph to draw out the relationships between the objects in the GLUE schema. The results are interesting but especially for the complicated sites, e.g. CERN, GRIF, RAL,... they are hard to read. There are massive png's, vrml and svg formats. Also the html pages load a dynamic applet of the data. I'll request that they are worked into gstat which is the natural place for them to live once I have improved them. Warning: Some of the png images are huge and will most likely crash your browser. The image here is RAL-LCG2. The orange blob top right is the FTS.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Combined SLC4 and SL4 CE.

As part of the WN working group efforts I've been finishing of a vandalised CE which is now part of the CERN_PPS site. It is two node cluster both of which are WNs. One is also a gatekeeper publishing GlueCE, VOViews and CESEBind objects, the other is publishing two GlueCluster and GlueSubClusters objects. ... To cut a long story short I have a single gatekeeper node which can matched to for either SL4 or SLC4 and the jobs route through to the correct node at the back. It is exactly the same for any GlueSubCluster attribute such as memory for instance. Tomorrow we try and thrash how to get the final steps of this into a release.... It is quite possibly not going to be pretty, keeping things backwards compatible may just not be possible or desirable. details.