Thursday, 14 February 2008

Combined SLC4 and SL4 CE.

As part of the WN working group efforts I've been finishing of a vandalised CE which is now part of the CERN_PPS site. It is two node cluster both of which are WNs. One is also a gatekeeper publishing GlueCE, VOViews and CESEBind objects, the other is publishing two GlueCluster and GlueSubClusters objects. ... To cut a long story short I have a single gatekeeper node which can matched to for either SL4 or SLC4 and the jobs route through to the correct node at the back. It is exactly the same for any GlueSubCluster attribute such as memory for instance. Tomorrow we try and thrash how to get the final steps of this into a release.... It is quite possibly not going to be pretty, keeping things backwards compatible may just not be possible or desirable. details.

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