Tuesday, 9 October 2007

WN Meeting Kickoff Last Week

The first EGEE WN working group meeting happened last week. It went well. I had previously thought I knew exactly what the end point would be even if the exact details of migration were not together. The oversight for me was software tags. Namely that for a site publishing non-overlapping SubClusters then a software installation job has to publish software tags in the correct SubCluster. Exactly how you determine which SubCluster you are installing for is far from obvious. No one has suggested a better solution than a configuration file different on every batch worker, there has to be a better way....

From the EGEE conference there was an addition to the group's scope. The group will give help, advice support, approval, something, ... to the WMS wrapper script addition of doing something sensible in grid jobs during the SIGTERM -> SIGKILL window given by the batch system. Francesco's presentation
looks to have considered everything but can check with group if any comments.

One of the consequences of offering users better job matching to WNs is that the sites are possibly going to start killing more excessive jobs dead. A timely addition if the job wrapper now handles the SIGTERMs.

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