Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Had to work out how to drain an LSF CE today at CERN. A trivial things for me in PBS , in fact the LSF info provider looks to be a lot better written. I guess it was written by a sysadmin rather than some random developer.

ce101 Reported as Faulty

Had a report in that ce101 was faulty here at CERN. Starting the draining process so someone else can sort it out. It is great not actually having to do the harddisk but my self :-)

VOMS Roles and the FTS

Wrote a a new page FtsVomsRoles detailing how VOMS roles might be used with the FTS. The FTS already supports this so we just need a schema for actually using them. Needs a bit of central management but still a lot better than what we had before.

Who is Hitting the FTS

Wrote a small micky mouse script to parse the FTS call.logs. Intrestingly it showed that in the last day for some users they are submitting up to 3000 times as many status requests as they are submitting transfers which seems a little excessive. To be followed up.