Thursday, 5 April 2007

FTS TWiki Pages Review

Have been working hard with FtsWlcg < LCG < TWiki the homepage of the FTS for the WLCG service. A lot of the pages had fallen way out of date, learnt a lot of twiki in the process including how to do templates, search for particular pages related to a page and many other things. It is looking a lot better but there are still things that need to be done for sure.

Green Plates Progress

Seven months are starting at CERN there looks to be some progress with my green plates, they should be ready next week or rather I will be able to go to a garage and get them made.

Adding the VOMS manager to Quattor

Going through the many steps at the moment with Remi so that he can install boxes and configured them with CDB, swrep, etc. Seems to hard to do this a bit and not give access for Remi to do everything.

Small FTS Update

Updated the FTS T2 service to use a different oracle string, same database different way of accessing. I need to learn some more oracle.

Trying out Scribefire.

This is a blogging tool integrated into firefox.

First day Back with a Meeting bang.

As per usual having been away a week for a wedding party a very busy day of catchup. Highlights included.
  • Attended 9.00 sysadmin meeting.
  • Attended 10.00 WLCG meeting.
  • Attended 1.30 meeting with Remi to go over CDB, quattor and things.
  • Attended 2.30 meeting with LHCb people looking into using MAUI with Dirac.
  • Attended 3.00 meeting of sysadmins.
  • Attended 4.30 meeting of EMT.
In between cleared up my inbox and processed 900 new mails.

Crank It Up

After sometime and following me trying to remember what I did for an appraisal since starting at CERN I must keep this blog up to date.