Tuesday, 28 November 2006

FTS Profiles, Just Load Balancing To Go

Really getting some where now with the FTS CDB profiles. The three clusters are now nicely abstracted from the template layout and there are no longer bits of similar configuration dotted about the different files. However there is still one of configuration still dotted about which is the load balancing magic. This is quite CERN specific and so finding out how it works is going to take a bit of hunting I suspect. The real problem for me though is that the load balance configuration is currently active and live on the real production system, I could really mess things up if not careful.

Tutorials at CERN

Asked a couple of people if they would give talks with positive responses from one. The other one is my favorite though. Also asked at the WLCG operations meeting for ideas and offers of talks. Of course everyone was quiet as is always the case at the OPS meeting. Must now get in touch Ale' to see if she can help out as well.