Monday, 14 May 2007

Eradicating the Hand of the Developer

After what was meant to be an easy addition to the FTS today of another webserver turns out there was yet another file that has been added to make it work by the developers. It's a classic problem of course. I guess one day that layer of access should be closed down. Hopefully with the upcoming upgrade to the FTS there will be time to wipe the service and start again. The only sure way to check what you think quattor is going to do actually happens at install time and you end up with a working service.

BES, DRMAA and Torque

Started to look at an OGF standard today BES. Looks to be some standard interface to batch systems that various bits of EGEE will support including cream. However I thought that DRMAA was a similar thing from OGF to give a method for how to interact with batch systems. Need to find out more about both to understand how they are distinct.