Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Photos from HEPiX

Following the HEPiX meeting last week I took some photos of the event but mainly the after hours events. HEPiX Photos

GMOD, ROC and Meetings.

This week I'm both the GMOD and the CERN ROC which basically results in lots of meetings. The GDB was today as well but I was unable to attend much of it due to other meetings. In the EMT meeting I was surprised that moving to jpackage looks to be non-trivial. The most basic thing of using Java 1.5 and tomcat looks to not be obvious but I think with the correct combination of magic it should work.

French Classes Restart

French classes restarted on Monday. They are now on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. So far so good and this time I really want to put some work into get the most out of them. Face it I am never going to get a better chance to learn a language than I do now.