Thursday, 23 November 2006

IT-GD-OPS Section Meeting

Attended the section meeting to report what I've been up to the last week:
  • Maui update following the bug that needed fixing.
  • FTS servers , pilot service reinstalled from scratch and is at least running.
  • Installing glite-LB with Yvan. Requires some new templates.
  • Both the last points require an update to ncm-yaim which I'm trying to get AFS permission for.
  • SDU-LCG2 asking to be certified.
Other points of interest raised at the meeting:
  • R-GMA broken on the PPS which is broken anyway due to IP renumbering.
  • Description of xmas time work which I can't do this year, basically time in lieu though
  • Interesting points form Alistair about user's expectation of quality. Do we need a new set of users who are more tolerant for grid over batch.
  • A couple of fixes have been put into SAM to try and clean up results.
  • Five countries in Mediterranean grid, just tested 4.6 Million drugs against Malaria !!
  • Re installation form scratch is it still needed? Yes it should be done on the PPS.

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