Thursday, 30 November 2006

IT-GD-OPS Section Meeting

Attended the IT-GD-OPS section meeting and reported what I have been up to in the last week:
  • More clean up of FTS profiles. A bit closer to actually being able to deploy new the new hardware. Just need to understand how the load balancing works.
  • Starting to impart the knowledge to Yvan about quattor.
  • Acting as CERN ROC. There really has been nothing interesting that has happened though.
  • Started to contact people for the WLCG ops meeting. Only one firm offer of a talk at the moment.
Interesting points that were raised here:
  • Presentation about the utilities that ship the STDOUT, STDERR to an SE for inspection during a job. It runs every now and then GridFTS them off. It appends or creates new files depending on the file size. It all makes sense to me, lots of questions about it though. I guess lots of bright people creates lots of good ideas. Though if the interactive jobs work is this even needed.

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