Monday, 18 June 2007

FTS Upgrade at CERN

After careful planning the the CERN FTS servers, production T0 export, tiertwo and the pilot were all upgraded today to version 2.0. It basically went okay and much to plan with completion 10 minutes before the announced intervention period end was reached. In fact two things went wrong. The quattor wrapper for yaim was never tested with the new YAIM, the new glite-FTS2 and glite-FTA2 targets had to merged in by hand. That was my mistake. The other problem still needs investigating but basically huge fragmentation to the production database appears to have (a) made the schema update a lot slower than expected and (b) an index has become corrupted. All in all it looks like although things are working some more downtime will be needed now perhaps longer than the upgrade itself to clean the database up. All in all it makes my life a lot easier, there is now a lot less left that I am managing from before my time getting to CERN.

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